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PX7: Primal Flow is the explosive new mens health supplement from the creators of ED Elixir, one of best-selling ED offers in Clickbank history (and still going strong!)

This supplement is designed to help men with prostate issues, one of the most common and debilitating health problems for men over 40.


Prostate issues and erectile dysfunction (ED) go hand-in-hand. A healthier prostate means better sexual performance. This makes Primal Flow a great offer to promote to general mens health traffic, as well as "male enhancement" or "male performance" traffic. We provide email swipes for all types. 

And you can count on awesome conversions and shockingly high EPC, because Primal Flow's "Hollywood style" Video Sales Letter combines sales copy from one of the industry's hottest copywriters with cinematic visuals and editing. 


In addition, this offer boasts an extremely powerful upsell flow (featuring MORE of our high-paying health supplements for men) which is guaranteed to multiply your affiliate earnings.

Who’s The Ideal Customer/Demo For Primal Flow?

So far with rigorous testing on warm and cold traffic, this offer has had a 3-6% conversion rate with men 40-75+ years old.

You'll also see awesome results from traffic that isn't necessarily "men's health," such as those interested in dating, muscle building or even financial success.

Since this issue is a common problem in all men over 40, it can bring killer conversions and profits on a variety of traffic sources.

Here are some examples of niches that work with Primal Flow:

  • Any general health lists with men
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Diabetes, Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol
  • Weight loss
  • Boosting Testosterone
  • Conservative
  • Dating/Seduction
  • Bodybuilding
  • Fitness
  • Finance

Here Are A Few Reasons To Promote Primal Flow...

Reason #1: We've tested the VSL with over 50,000 hops and the conversion rates are around 3-6% on the front end, with EPC's of $5+ and an AOV of $130+.

Reason #2: Created by platinum Clickbank vendors with an insanely entertaining VSL, which is constantly being tested & optimized to get you the best results possible.

Reason #3: Our high ticket funnel contains red hot supplements and it's constantly being optimized for higher AOV.

Reason #4: Primal Flow has a super-low refund rate as a physical product because people love it.

Reason #5: Media buyers have just begun to test this offer on cold traffic. Now is the time to try it! Display, Adult, Native, Facebook and email traffic can all work with Primal Flow. 

If you want to promote Primal Flow on ad networks, Click Here For Help With Ads.

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Product Details 

Learn more about the Primal Flow product and how it works. You can use this info to write a review or a landing page, or to come up with ideas for your promotions. 

Click Here For A Document That Explains All Of The Product Details

Running Ads 

If you plan to promote Primal Flow on an ad network, we want to help however we can. 

Click Here For A Document That Gives You Tips On Running Ads & Images For Your Campaigns

We are seeing other prostate supplement offers running successfully on Facebook and Native Ads, especially one called Prostagenix. You can see their Facebook page here and get ideas for your own ads, headlines, etc. 

Commission Structure 

With Primal Flow, you get:

  • $4.35+ EPCs
  • $130+ AOV
  • 50% commissions. If you're able to send a consistent high # of sales, we can bump your commission higher. Email us for details.

Affiliates Please Note

If you need help or have any questions, please email us:

  • Do not spam in any way.
  • Do not advertise your own bonuses or anything additional of your own.
  • Do not claim to represent Primal Flow.
  • Do not advertise incorrect pricing.
  • Do not direct link to any order form.
  • Anyone found doing this will be blacklisted immediately.